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Minh Minh Quan – MMQ – is founded in 1998, a major distributor of lubricant products and packaging printing for businesses. With 20 years experiences in service, MMQ brought prosperity, satisfaction with many customers all around Vietnam and South East Asia

History look back

Period 1998 - 2004

Starting as the first and official distributor of Caltex, a well-known oil business brand of Chevron corporation, MMQ has stepped up its position in the rapidly growing market of oil and lubricant in Vietnam. In 2000, MMQ was selected as the best distributor in South East Asia market, with largest volume sale award in the region. After many year of operation, the company has achieved many successes: building an complex retail systems with more than 1,000 customers active national wide , investing in essential equipments and train professional staffs.

Period 2005-2012

With many changes in the lubricant industry in particular in the economy in general, MMQ has many changes to meet customers demand in quality and service. By joining Vilube-Motul, the first lubricant oil of Vietnam who is supervised by standards of Motul, MMQ has step by step deveveloped and gained much success in the market with trust of customers in MMQ products and services. In 2006, MMQ established an branch in packaging printing for businesses.

Period 2012 - Now


Business Success

MMQ is always striving, investing and developing to become a leading company in supply quality products and services to customers. In addition, the company also emphasized importance to the packaging products supporting enterprises. With the goal of innovation based on technology, applying advanced technology and promoting human intellect to bring to company the bast solutions, products and services.  Which contribute to the sucess of the business

People, creativity, technology and experience

MMQ started very early and experienced many stages of development of the Vietnamese economy, accumulated much experience, understanding customer need, developing professional customer consultation, investigating advanced technology platforms, energy saving solution, high skilled workers, global cooperations, commit to give best after-sales support… those are core values that make MMQ’s success